Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love my friends...

Just wanted to say how much I sincerely love and will miss (though its not like I'll be gone forever!!) my friends in Michigan. I know I will most likely spend a few nights lonely and wishing I would not have left, but I hope this is the right decision for my life.

Nursing school was a life-altering experience in MANY ways, but one of the most important ways was surely introducing me to the greatest people I have the honor of now being friends with. I am still right now shocked that people can be so giving and kind-hearted at all times, I know that I would be able to rest easy if any of my classmates were my RN someday.

I have never felt so close to so many people and I know that I will be friends for a lifetime with several of my former classmates. I also know we will all eventually find our homes in Nursing, even though the road may be rough right now with the economy and the burnout in current practice.

This is the video I made for my graduating classes pinning, I spent a lot of time on it and it means a lot to me also, ugh I really miss everyone already :( *sigh*....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pics from travel and new book

Just uploaded some pics from my phone from when my friend and I went down to the state where I am moving. The deer in the second photo were so close, I felt like they would have let me pet them! :)

I just bought another NICU book highly recommended by NICU Nurses on allnurses.com I am very excited to read it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back home, for now.

Just got back from 3 days in the state I am moving to, JAM PACKED with looking at apartments/houses etc. The housing market was so crazy, my friend and I would call about an ad only 1 day old and the place would already be rented!

But, I did end up finding an apartment, which I will take pictures of when I go down there in 2 weeks. :)

I am really starting to get scared thinking about being a Nurse...it's becoming real now. I know NICU is my heart but at the same time I'm terrified I won't be good at it. I was always in the top of the class in lecture, I'm booksmart. Clinical was my weakness, I was lacking in confidence and it was really hard for me. Working in the clinical setting is going to be a shock to my system...I just hope I can cope and then hopefully in the future excel. I want to be the best NICU nurse I can be...I just need to be patient and realize that I am new and will need to ask alot of questions, and do things multiple times before I will be comfortable with them. *sigh* this is gonna be hard!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hmmm....better be more secretive

Well, after perusing a few other Nurse blogs, I've noticed that no one really says exactly which hospital they work in or really even the state.

I think I had better do the same to increase patient confidentiality. :) Sooooo...I just changed a few things lol Anyways...I want to get this NICU job going! I'm very anxious to start and the wait till the 30th is killing me!