Monday, October 26, 2009

Current happenings!

Just bought this book to start studying before I start on Novemember 30th:

I'll post a review as I read it.

Things I am working on for the move:

1. Getting my RN licensure by endorsement in the state I am moving to( Sent out Michigan paperwork, sending out other states paperwork tommorow)

2. Finding an apartment. This is turning out to be A LOT harder then I thought it would be, but I have a few prospects. (Hopefully someone will send me some damn pictures, I swear I have talked to 3-4 people who told me they would take pictures of their apartments and i've gotten nothing!!)

3. Looking at furniture (I am moving with NOTHING, I had a house-fire that destroyed everything I owned)

4. Takin' my cats (Bob and Captain Billy) to the vet before the car trip!


  1. How exciting! I also just accepted a position in the NICU and was thinking about starting a blog. I don't start until January. I only have about 5 weeks of school left, and I find it hard to focus on all this "adult" stuff that I will probably never use. I look forward to reading updates on your new career! Good luck..

  2. Please start one! I would love to read yours too, and congrats on the job!!!

    I know how you feel, I had a hard time studying for the NCLEX just because I was cramming in info I knew I probably wouldnt need in the future. Now I can let all that adult stuff fly right out of my head! lol